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The Syracuse Solvay plant was the incubator for a large chemical industry complex owned by Allied Signal in Syracuse, the result of which made Onondaga Lake the most polluted in the nation.

The salt industry declined after the Civil War, but a new manufacturing industry arose in its place.

The city has many neighborhoods which were originally various villages that joined the city over the years.

Although the central part of Syracuse is flat, many of its neighborhoods are located on small hills such as University Hill and Tipperary Hill.

In 2010, Forbes rated Syracuse fourth in the top 10 places in the U. At the invitation of the Onondaga Nation, one of the five constituent members of the Iroquois confederacy, a group of Jesuit priests, soldiers, and coureurs des bois (including Pierre Esprit Radisson) set up a mission, known as Sainte Marie among the Iroquois, or Ste.

The city stands at the northeast corner of the Finger Lakes region.Many small businesses failed during this time, which contributed to an already increasing unemployment rate.Rockwell International moved their factory outside New York state.General Electric moved its television manufacturing operations to Suffolk, Virginia, and later to Asia.The Carrier Corporation moved its headquarters out of Syracuse, relocated its manufacturing operations out of state, and outsourced some of its production to Asian facilities.

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