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He also wishes Craigslist would throw its considerable weight behind a safe exchange zone project, whether his or something like the ones being trialed in Virginia and Florida.

Both advocate that Craigslist users conduct their transactions in police lobbies and parking lots, where they can be monitored.

There’s one more thing that makes Craigslist appealing to criminals, Levin explains: Unlike Twitter or Plenty of Fish — other places where you can meet strangers anonymously — Craigslist is seen as having a “legitimate commercial purpose” that causes users to act more credulously.

They’re more willing to take risks, and tolerate eccentric or suspicious behavior, because there’s money on the table.

“I believe very strongly that they could save lives by putting a meaningful effort into safety and security measures,” Zollman said.

But Zollman and other critics say Craigslist has done “next to nothing” to encourage safe use or deter criminals.

“But every single day, there are also rapes, robberies and murders linked to Craigslist.

And that is a serious issue.” Neither Craigslist nor its publicist responded to multiple interview requests, and the company has not commented publicly on safety issues since a 2010 Congressional hearing.

Craigslist has long maintained that the vast majority of its transactions are legitimate and that it can’t be held responsible for the small minority that aren’t — which is true, legally speaking.

Still, some bad apples are active on Craigslist, and we don’t tend to hear about them unless their crimes are particularly grim.

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Dynel Lyne, 34, is accused of stabbing a pregnant woman in the stomach and removing her baby, while the expectant mother visited her home to buy baby clothes advertised on Craigslist.

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