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The build up of toxic materials within the bowel can cause a condition known as auto-intoxication as the poisons in the bowel are absorbed into the blood stream, which ends up toxicating the entire body. It's no secret that the foremost reasons are improper eating and exercise habits.Modern civilization, especially the industrialized nations, have the greatest bowel disturbances.All of the pipes would back up when an immovable material came through, creating a gigantic crisis that would threaten the health of all who lived in the city.Many of the devastating plagues and diseases that literally wiped out entire cities and communities arose from open sewers and improper waste disposal.If the sewer ever backs up, dangerous health problems occur!

Fresh wheatgrass juice enemas stimulate the liver to cleanse.Wheatgrass enema nutrients are absorbed by the hemorrhoidal vein, just inside the anal sphincter, then circulate to the liver where they increase peristaltic action of the colon and attract waste and old fecal matter like a magnet to be eliminated from the body.Wheatgrass juice tones the colon and is absorbed into the blood, adding oxygen and energy to the body.The further we stray from natural foods and the more we depend upon unnatural and artificial foodstuffs, the more certain it becomes that sickness and disease increase in frequency and intensity.The way we grow, harvest, process and market our food is at the root of much disease in our population.

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