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It la Interesting to note that the majority of the ealea were In the middle bracket, the balance divided equally between under 0 and over 00 CAREER AWAITS YOUNG MAN We a/e looking for young man Z1 to 2? up-lo-date kitchen AH hard- wood floor* Extra room In n*»eme inja Ah plumbing roughed In. AH-H 4 laigr U/n"r him* ..r room* with three big Mdroo OU. LTD iiig^i AUr«i Phorr G W4l 50 furnace JAMES BAY a n» tipr of proper'V pliar'e Ted-f i.p:i»n •' Kldllt E* Nvalu. Surely we are in the golden age of the musical play The musical plays are far twtter than they were when i started * The tall, unthestrlcal Hammer- stein ha* been contributing to the American theatre for many year*-* from 'Rose Marie' to^’Show Boat': from "Carmen Jane* - to ’Okla- homa''* ‘and “Carousel and the current erase of the hemisphere “South Pacific * Lyricist, libret- tist. Australia and Scandinavia And "Carousel’ begins playing in • London early in 1960. This enlertalnlng and enlighten- ing peek behind the curtain cd the "Old Vic’ in London gives a blow- by-blow description of 12 years of achievement fr«»m 1934 to 193 1 The author.

vrar* of age with »enior matriculation or equivalent in hn«'fir«* evrenencr We are a nation-** irte fmanrial organisa- tion anil nlfrr •plemlld np- portfinitie* tor the right an* pltrant This ootflton 'carne* «operannu*t»n H and nunr pthrr benefit*. COLONIt T We *ufc*at that you •air* advantage of being in town at thia time trt •elect your new F*ll Outfit You m*r ar range tn o*r montht* hy mail a* convenient Geoff. 3 flnubnl Id ba*I* 000 R IW: 735U ter* thl* riebr Jj ne* Bve-rwm eturco at a gating nil - * ■ Through mu. Large Ut- ifig-rooiu wltli oak floor dining-mcm Full bear men / I DU gah-w with an ad- dl'lunai bedroom In the Bate, tneni •• ol en tf Tf In l**n*. Low l|»*» DONCASTER HEIGHTS Thiee choice mi- l»m,*'urri» hungalowa. E eljl or f Ml' f JNFINIBMFD RAMI WANTED *I'«»P » foi rath 1113*3 U ’ANTED FOB CLIENT rmim M 1 */ ( rath, nr 'errat r *«t retell. manager, he ha*n t begun work on a new show but he find.? It's not louring In America at the moment, but a company will soon be opening In Toronto. probably with Iva Wither* as the heroine r Id a ■ a* GEN HOLLAND M. With meticulous gare, ex- amines each play produced, with careful and studied comparison.

Then w hen you need him, he will be .better pre- pared to care for you properly. Socialism written tn recent years; Hite is not one of them WIG Famous Writing Team Is Steady Partnership 1 a Mu-in one of the American the- atre » great men.

When your doctor gives you a prescription, bring it to us to he filled. Teachers and Out-of -Town Visitors Thia ia a very promiting aign and backed up by th# recent Real Eatata Board Dominion wide survey, ap#n» for continued activity in Real Eatate and build- ing. wa talking quietly "I'm beginning to think that the modem theatre U g Te Atly maligned, to me. What are we worried about* We have some fine writer* and director*.

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This is certainly a depressing way to get some press, and even the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity doesn’t seem to apply here as I can’t see an upside.

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