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As a westerner with a moderately good income you will be slightly wealthier than the locals but not noticeably so.

What this means is that you should not rely solely on your prestige as a westerner to impress the local females like you could with a hot Filipina.

Another nice feature of Lithuanian women is their hair.

It is a country well worth visiting for the sightseeing alone.

If you like the thin fashion modal type then you will love Lithuania.

However if your tastes run more to the Kim Kardashian look then you maybe a little disappointed so you should probably try dating buxom Armenian girls.

There is generally few hang ups about sex and so if you are looking for fun it can be a good country to visit.

While Estonia is more popular with "sex tourists", most visitors agree that it is actually easier to pick up a girl for casual fun in Lithuanian.

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Along with their long blonde hair Lithuanian women also have some of the most flawless and unblemished skin in the world.

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