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Now in Windows 10 Current Branch there are two options when it comes to these automatic updates and how your system should respond when it needs to restart to complete the installation of those updates. Since I like to maintain some control over these updates and restarts this is not the option I have selected on my systems however, it is the one I use on my wife's desktop with Windows 10.

The second option in this drop down, the one I use as my default is .

This option will pop up a restart dialog after the updates are downloaded and the system is ready for a restart.

:p Anyway, last night my computer automatically restarted itself in order for my latest set of Windows updates to take affect.

I recently installed some more updates but my laptop ran out of battery halfway through configuring. I shut the computer down shortly after starting it up, and if I recall correctly, it was at that point that I was offered a whack of new options. Restart the computer and should work fine, if its because of the update Try this should work fine... After this windows will try to re=install the update once again.. regards rahul Since I have the deep freeze installed in my computer, to update my windows, I selected "thawed for the next restart" and restarted my computer. The computer restarted and since I had the "thawed for the next restart" on, this time, it was "frozen", and did not allow the windows to finish installing. I have selected the same option to thaw on next 1 restart..

Every time I boot, I get: Configuring Updates 3 of 3 ..... I chose system restore (there was also the option to go to a command prompt--finally! ;-) sorry for all the posts but just letting everyone know what worked for me... If your pc doesn't work after installing windows update, It's mainly because there could've been an error while windows was updating new protection software,, So what you do is.... The computer would not boot, and I tried the windows recovery and it doesn't work. update windows and computer restarts to windows configuration stages and tried to restarts itself again after completing the configurations.

After it restarted, it came up with the usual screen that states it is installing the updates, Step 1 of 3 and then the percentage of it being complete.

After completing the first and sometimes the second step, my computer will suddenly restart again and then the screen with state "Loading Files" and then come up with a screen that says Windows could not start and that it is scanning the files to repair.

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We will have more details about this and other new features in our Windows 10 Anniversary Update coverage beginning next month.

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